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December 9, 2014

Currents brand launched! And, no, we didn't break a bottle over its bow!

Currents, a new name and brand This Is Folly created for a Plymouth, Minnesota apartment home complex, went live recently.

Our client wanted to refresh the complex and give it some personality through a theme of the by-gone era of luxury passenger steam ship travel. With faux rusty steel beams, heavy iron straps and rivets, images of turn-of-the-century bathing beauties and other vintage ship and nautical details already underway, This Is Folly jumped onboard to develop a name, logo and brand culture to go with the new décor.

But that, as it turns out, was just the beginning of our journey.

Currents Logo and Stamp

We had a great time exploring the nautical theme, such as stars for navigation and quality, anchors for establishing a new home, stripes to represent waves and currents. Details such as the travel stamps and monogram variations on the identity, the patinas and the craftsmanship all add up to the brand possessing a feeling of quality and heritage, while also projecting a modern vibe.

We went on to design a business system with letterhead, envelopes, a set of two different business cards, key tags, and other collateral pieces. We also developed a website design with all the bells and whistles, including a resident pet gallery celebrating Current's pet-friendly attitude and amenities such as a private outdoor dog park.

Currents Business Cards

We were also tapped to create key signing elements for the property. The project included internal wayfinding signage, parking signs, wall graphics, window graphics, apartment numbers, building embellishments, an external paint scheme and new architectural entrance awnings.

The main monument sign, shown below, is constructed from rusty sheet steel, huge rivets and aluminum, with integrated LEDs that light up at night.

Currents Monument Sign

We also wanted to create a beacon at the main entry for both the property and the community. We thought: go big or go home! So we created a giant rusty metal whale tail sculpture, emerging from the grass as if rising from the water, with silver metal chains representing the water streaming down, all surrounded by a circle of large metal cut-out letters and a backdrop of flag poles with custom, branded nautical flags. The whale becomes an unexpected, but delightful iconic expression of the brand. This element is still under construction.

Currents Entry Circle Whale Tail Signage

When we first met our client, we were impressed by their utter commitment to their residents, their staff and a quality experience. We were struck by their compassion; several cats, including a 3-legged one, prowled their offices, refugees taken in after being abandoned by former residents. It is always rewarding to work with folks that are committed to both their organization and to taking thoughtful creative risks. Frequently such creative risks are rewarded with a big payoff. Here's to great clients!

View the full project here.



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